Dog's Best Friend


It is with both honor and sadness that Mitchell County Animal Rescue announces the retirement of our devoted animal champion and Executive Director, Patricia Beam. The search for a new ED to lead us into an exciting future has now begun. 

Sometime in 1996, Patricia Beam was sought out by Mitchell County Animal Rescue to check on the status of a horse in the Bear Creek Community.  Thus began over two decades of devoted work on behalf of MCAR.  First as a volunteer, then as a board member, and eventually as Executive Director of our organization and shelter. Recently, she announced her retirement from MCAR, and we reflect on her 22 memorable and lifesaving years in animal sheltering and rescuing.

A native of Mitchell County, Patricia possessed intimate knowledge of companion and domestic animals and of people in our community, understanding their customs and traditions. She knew who to trust and who to call in an emergency to help an animal or animals in a crisis situation. She had grown up on a farm and was devoted to animals, Patricia’s work with MCAR was a true calling. 

Patricia had no fear.  She would slog through the mud with a deputy, a camera and catch pole in tow.  She faced danger in so many situations without hesitation that we truly feared for her safety!  Her gift, was to show compassion and strength when confronting animal cruelty in all its manifestations from neglect and abuse, to hoarding and dog fighting.  Patricia cultivated a strong relationship of respect and cooperation with our local law enforcement, our volunteer fire departments and emergency management. She testified in court and advocated for the animals who could not speak for or defend themselves.  She navigated MCAR through Rabies outbreaks, Flood disasters and Fire emergencies, setting standards and procedures for operation that will serve us far into the future.

Her most important gift was using her love of animals to foster an atmosphere of compassion, respect and hope at MCAR’s animal shelter.  Directing the day to day operations, assembling a devoted staff, answering literally thousands of calls for assistance from local citizens were just one part of her efforts.  Patricia worked with staff to pioneer animal transport for adoption before it became commonplace in Animal Sheltering.  She encouraged staff and volunteer education and participation in emergency management preplanning.  She worked with local veterinarians to establish a low cost spay neuter program that ensured that every animal adopted from our shelter was fixed, and that our county residents could access this program for their own pets.

Patricia officially retired from MCAR in December of this year.  Her legacy is the improvement of the lives of thousands of companion and farm animals in Mitchell County.  Her impact on our organization will be felt for generations going forward toward a more compassionate world.  We wish her the best of luck with this next chapter in her life, and thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

—Jan Ritter

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