Saving our Shelter


Our mission seems simple enough: to save the unwanted animals of Mitchell County and find loving homes where they can thrive. Our community demonstrates its humane values through the kindness and respect we show them, and the affection they return enriches our lives. But this is an expensive proposition.

In order to do our work we need money to buy food and medicine for the animals, to fund the spay/neuter program, provide for animals with special needs, investigate cruelty and neglect, to heat the shelter, pay our staff, to maintain the building and its systems, and to pay for transporting our shelter pets to other specialty adoptive organizations. We spend about $350,000 each year, which does not include special needs, vehicle needs or emergency animal seizures, or emergency facility repairs.

The Mitchell County commissioners understand the value of our services, and we are grateful for their substantial support; but their annual contract with us meets less than half of our expenses. MCAR's budget has benefited in past years from generous bequests that have covered our shortfalls month after month. But even this money will run out soon.

We continually trim our budget everywhere we can and seek outside help to cut further, but our work is costly and our income insufficient to cover these costs. Our spay/neuter activism is beginning to help reduce the number of unwanted litters, which should ultimately reduce our expenses; but this outcome is long-term and our daily costs are immediate.

Your donation is an investment in our effort to provide food, shelter, and loving care to our shelter pets every day of the year. In 2015 you helped us save the lives of pets and transform families. Your gifts helped over 500 shelter animals find permanent homes, and 67 lost pets become reunited with their families. Your donations helped us provide food, vaccinations, and medical care for each cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, bird, goat, pig, duck and horse in our care. In addition, your donations helped us provide cruelty investigations for our community and animal-care education for your children.

People like you who love animals come from all walks of life. We depend on you to support our efforts to save animals in our community, and we need your help!

1. Speak up for the animals in Mitchell County.                                                  
Work with your neighbors and friends to promote the humane treatment of animal and report animal abuse.

2. Think about a generous gift.                                                                           
These are tough economic times. In our 33-year history, the demands for our services have never been greater. Our number one priority—to find permanent loving homes for our shelter animals—is in jeopardy.

As you plan your own budget for 2016 and beyond, think of Mitchell County's homeless animals.

Our work saves lives. Please help.

brette barron