Meet our Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Kevin Cox, Betty Giustiniano, Jan Hamilton, Ashlyn Kirkpatrick, Nora McKinney, Chrissy McVay, Jennifer Rambo, Amanda Robinson, Gloria Schulman, Cathy Silver, Jamie Snyder, Mindy Thomas

The MCAR Board of Directors meets once a month. Terms are three years. The organization benefits from board members who are leaders in the community, offer expertise in business, law, accounting, special events planning, writing, software programs, facilities. Please let us know of your skills or interest in serving as a board member. 


And the Rest of Our Team...


                                                                       Dr Jennie Stewart, Stewart's Mountain View Animal Hospital, vet of record  

                                                                       Dr Stacy Jones, Cane River Veterinary Wellness Clinic, spay/neuter vet                                            

Advisors & Volunteers

Our advisors are community members and past board members who generously offer their time and expertise to consult and assist with our ongoing efforts. 

Thank you all!  

Robbie Bell, Lisa Blackburn, Donna Collis, Dr Stacey Jones, Rob Heffron, Dana Moore, Jan Ritter, Dr Jennie Stewart, Alan Womack


Volunteers are people who care about animals and want to help. And they are crucial to our work. Yes, we always need cash donations but it doesn't end there. Just as important are the many ways you can help the animals of Mitchell County by offering your time and skills to the shelter.