Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs For Your Pet

Spay/Neuter of your pet is crucial in keeping your pet healthy, being a good neighbor, and in keeping down the number of homeless and heartlessly abandoned animals. MCAR offers low cost spay/neuter for your pet. The cost for male cats is $43, for female cats and all dogs the price is $60. Call or stop by the shelter during business hours to make arrangements. If you have proof of vaccinations for your pet please bring them for us to copy. There will be a $10 charge for rabies vaccination if needed. Distemper booster shots are available for $10. Pets must travel in a hard shell plastic carrier. If you need to rent one from us the cost is $5. All arrangements and payment must be made in advance. Your pet's appointment will be another date. Our veterinarian can spay or neuter puppies and kittens at age 12 weeks and 2.5 lbs. 

Please know we also offer low cost spay/neuter for free roaming or trap/neuter/release cats. Ask us for more information

Download Spay/Neuter Form Here.

Community Care Spay/Neuter Fund: We may have special assistance available for low-income families through this fund. Please ask us.  


Please see our Adoptions page for more details.

Low-Cost Rabies Clinics

We schedule low-cost rabies clinics every few months in several different areas of Mitchell county. Please check our “vaccinations” page, under the “events” tab, watch our Facebook page, or call us for the next date in your area. 


We are committed to reaching out to the youth of Mitchell County by working closely with the public and private school systems to teach the importance of good animal care and the humane treatment of all animals. Please contact us to set up an appointment to have a staff member come and speak to your class or host a tour at our shelter.  

Special Funds

Community Care Spay/Neuter Fund

This special fund allows us to spay or neuter (and vaccinate if needed) the pets of our most vulnerable neighbors in Mitchell County. This service is available to qualified Mitchell County residents only when funds are available. We will ask you to make a donation for this service.

Citizens who qualify are: 

  • low income households

  • senior citizens on fixed income

  • individuals involved with the DSS, DHS, HUD or the local Housing Authority

  • Medicare or Medicaid recipients

  • veterans and/or anyone participating in food assistance programs such as food banks, food stamps or WIC

Contact MCAR for more information or with questions about how to qualify. To make a donation to this fund please contact

Have Mercy Fund

This fund allows us to provide crucial medical care for shelter animals with special needs or to public animals under very special circumstances.

To make a donation to this fund please contact

Lost & Found

If your pet is lost—

You can contact us to report the lost pet by phone or by Facebook message. We will need as much information about your pet as possible including age, description, breed, color, tags, and distinguish marks as well as the name and contact information of the owner. Photographs are preferable. We will post a photo, description and contact information of the owner on Facebook. We will also keep this information on file at the shelter for up to a year. 

If a pet is found—

Animals found can be turned in to the shelter. They will be immediately posted on Facebook to notify the public in an effort to find the owner. In accordance with NC law, the animal will be kept in quarantine for 72 hours waiting the owner to claim him/her. If after that time no one claims them, they become the property of MCAR and they will be spay/neutered, and placed up for adoption. If you find a pet but want to keep him/her at your home, please send photos and information to us and we will do a courtesy "found pet" post for you.

In order to recover your lost pet from the shelter—

Be prepared to pay our fee for care and to show proof of ownership. Documentation would include matching photographs, vet records, microchip information, etc.

Fees to reclaim your pet are as follows:

For a dog:

  • $10 for a Bordetella vaccine

  • $10 for a 5 in 1 vaccine

  • $10 for a rabies vaccine (unless you can prove it is current)

  • $10 for flea treatment & wormer

For a cat:

  • $10 for a 4 in 1 vaccine

  • $10 for a rabies vaccine (unless you can prove it is current)

  • $10 for flea treatment & wormer

Stray & Surrendered Pets


There is no animal control officer in Mitchell County to pick up strays. Therefore, we have to rely on individuals in the community to bring strays to the shelter. Whenever possible, we ask that you call us before coming with a stray or abandoned animal. All animals turned in to the shelter will be immediately posted on Facebook to notify the public in order to find the owner. 

In accordance with NC law, any stray animal will be kept in quarantine for 72 hours awaiting the owner to claim him/her. If after that time no one claims them, they become the property of MCAR and they will be spay/neutered, and placed up for adoption. In order to reclaim a stray pet as your own, be prepared to show proof of ownership such as matching photographs, vet records, microchip information. You will also be charged a fee for your pet’s care.

Surrendered Pets

Animals may be surrendered to the shelter by appointment only. Upon surrender, a number of questions will be asked about the pet and the reason for surrender. 

Please consider your reasons?

  • Pet’s behavior and training

  • Behavior issues

  • Medical issues or expenses

  • Moving

  • Pet friendly housing

  • Unsafe conditions for the pet

If there is a way that we can help the owner keep the family together, such as offering low cost spay/neuter, access to a pet food bank, behavioral help, or other services, we will try to do that first. If surrender is the only option, the animal will be held in quarantine for 72 hours. During that time the owner has the ability to change their mind and reclaim their pet. However, they must pay for any costs incurred with the animal during the time they are in our facility, such as vaccinations, food, boarding. After 72 hours the owner has relinquished legal ownership rights to the animal and legal ownership and responsibility are transferred to Mitchell County Animal Rescue. The pet will then be available for adoption and will not be re-adopted to the same family that surrendered them. 

Cruelty Investigation

To report suspected cases of animal abuse or neglect, call Mitchell County Animal Rescue at 828-765-6952 or email You can also reach local and county law enforcement on their non-emergency hotline, Mitchell Communications, at 828-688-9110. 

Calls can be made anonymously. If you see an animal emergency, you can also call 911.

Pet Food Bank & Blankets

Through donations, MCAR maintains a pet food bank for any Mitchell County pet owner in short-term need of pet food. Pets must be spayed or neutered to receive food. If they are not, we will supply their owner with one bag of food to give them time to have their pet spay/neutered. If they cannot afford the surgery, we will work with them to see how we can help.

Free blankets are provided all winter long outside the front entrance of the shelter, and can be used as bedding and to help insulate dog houses. 

All dogs need to be indoors during our coldest weather.