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Information on Fostering

Through foster care we can care for more animals and save more stray animals each year, but much work remains to find safe and forever homes for all of the animals entrusted into our care. This is the perfect opportunity if you feel you are not ready to make a long term commitment to add an animal to your family. 

Spring and summer means that we have lots of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies that will need short term homes. Being able to put these furbabies into foster care prior to adoption keeps the animals healthier, improves socialization, and accustoms them to the sights and sounds of a normal household. It allows us to take in more animals even when there is no more room at the shelter.

 It is said that the worth of a society can be measured by the manner in which it treats its weakest member. Show our animals how much you care.

If you are interested in fostering, please call Mitchell County Animal Rescue at (828) 765-6952 and ask for the Foster Coordinator or email us at